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Auctioneers Columbus is a real estate, liquidation, and auctions in Columbus company. Our extensive experience has helped us become experts in the marketing and promotion of inventories such as personal property, real estate, jewelry, antiques, and commercial/industrial properties. Put your trust in Auctioneers Columbus, the leading real estate/auction company in the Midwest. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Experienced Auction House in Columbus

Rather than worrying about the costs of real estate agents, advertising, and hours of tirelessly marketing your property, consider our auction house in Columbus. Our hassle-free auctions allow you to set the terms and conditions, pass commission fees to the buyer, and have a guaranteed sale date. It doesn't get much better than that!

Online Bidding

We have mastered the art of online bidding. Whether you are looking for a fantastic deal or would simply like to sell some items online, we can help! We provide the perfect venue for buying and selling great items. With all the auction houses in Columbus, choose the experience of Auctioneers Columbus.

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